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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  July 3, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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a fight outside of a bar and one man killed as police try to figure out who fired a gun in rosedale anytime middle of an afternoon a fire breaks out in edgewater. a person pulled out alive and another found dead in the upstairs bedroom. laying out blankets and putting out folding chairs. looking for fireworks on this 4th of july eve. we'll drop some of the names off for you. but we want to show you this. this is our main street for the 4th of july. we want to show you the bay bridge but now showing the inner harbor. at the bay bridge we had a back up but now it's moving nice
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around 6:30. and either you fell out of bed around 3:00 or put a pillow over your head. what an interesting thunderstorm we had. what a storm we had. >> severe thunderstorm for baltimore city and baltimore county and anne arundel county. one main storm complex and it's just skirting the southwest side of town. you can see it. and in fact, i'm going to take the warning counties off here. you can see the action mainly south and west. this cluster of storms moving south. as i turn on the lightning mode, you can see the lightning coming down i-97 corridor moving into pg county. and you can see it back through and on the ken island. this is the storm we're watching, again, skirting south
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of the baltimore area. certainly, be keeping an eye on the storm. see more storms out into western maryland. those should miss. look at the heat index and it feels like more than 100 just east of baltimore. 90s for us this evening and scattered thunderstorms. warm and muggy, we'll talk about how it shapes up for the 4th itself. a life is taken from a fire. cheryl conner with more. >> a woman at bay view medical center still receiving treatment but her mother didn't make. today investigators are trying to determine what caused that home to go up in flames. >> i was in and it was all over me. >> reporter: saturday afternoon he smelled fire coming from the neighbor's house. he ran over and called 911. >> i tried to get in the house. and i felt the window first and
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there was no way. it was super hot window. we opened the door together and almost knocked out on our butts. >> the two alarm fire in edgewater took 60 firefighters to knock down. a propane tank is on the front porch but investigators say that right now that doesn't appear to be the cause. >> many homes have propane gas stoves and that's what the tank was for. there was no damage to the tank or any indication that the tank was involved in the fire at all. we don't believe there is anything suspicious at this time. >> reporter: the division chief said that the fire started inside of the house but he doesn't know where. he was there when his neighbor, a woman in her late 60s was carried out and transported to bay view medical center with life-threatening injuries. >> the woman when she came out and she was black and burned. it was incredible. >> reporter: they he learned the woman inside, believed to be in her 80 and who he identifies as the injured woman's mother
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was dead. a fire with an unknown cause quickly changed so many lives. >> i believe everybody need s to check their fire detectors and everything else like that. because this could happen to my family and your family. >> reporter: and tonight, investigators don't know if there were working smoke detectors inside of the home. if turns out that the woman was transported for smoke inhalation later in the day. he is expected to be okay. investigators are working to contact family before identifying the fact. cheryl conner, abc2 news. another fire. police got the call this morning before 4:00 this morning. as they pulled occupy to the scene they saw heavy fire. luckily, everyone inside made it out alive. last check nobody was injured as this fire was still under investigation at this hour. a night of partying turns deadly here in rosedale. police are still searching for a
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killer. and it happened outside the club baltimore around 2:00 saturday morning. people coming to pick up their vehicles say they were afraid of this me lay going on. officers found a large group of rowdy people along with a man who was shot in the head and neck. he was taken to bay view medical center where he was pronounced dead. five people were arrested for disorderly conduct. and one of the five had to be tasered during the arrest. police say an officer was also assaulted but with only minor injuries. the top story around the nation tonight, after six weeks of testimony from over 80 witnesses the casey anthony murder case is now in the hands of the jury. the woman charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. defense lawyers say that the death was an accident. both sides made closing arguments today. >> reporter: jurors saw casey
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anthony as prosecutors summed up the case against you. this is your fault. this is your fault. >> reporter: the prosecution played this video and told the jury that casey anthony suffocate herd daughter with three strips of duct tape. >> you need three because your purpose is not to simply silence the child your purpose is to make sure that the child cannot breathe. >> reporter: that her motive was to free herself from the burdens of motherhood. >> she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. >> reporter: defense lawyers say that 2-year-old kaley anthony drowned accidentally and the father disposed of the body. the judge refused to allow allegations that i molested their daughter in the closing arguments. the lead attorney accused of smearing anthony's character.
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>> you have put her as slut, a party girl, and a careless mother. >> she is is a liar and a slut. conflict her on that, but let's make her pay with her life. >> reporter: in addition to first-degree murder, casey anthony faces manslaughter and child abuse charges each carrying a 30-year sentence. if convicted of murder, she could be sentenced to death. angie denice, abc news, orlando florida. following up in new york sexual assault charges against one of the world's most powerful man could be dropped entirely. no word yet on the move now that the house keep who are accused the leader of sexual assault has a history of lying. he has been released from house arrest and he is due back in court july 18th.
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whether you are boating on around or running around tomorrow, put a vest on. we have gone through some real rough waters the last couple of weeks. we want you to leave the dock and return safely. and no blasting off fireworks for the 4th. when you hear why not, you will understand. >> things look pretty good for fireworks tomorrow night. right now severe weather moving into northern anne arundel county. we'll talk about the storms and when things clear up right after this.
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. well, we can walk along main street and see a speed boat going by. and you can see the boats out to the bay or in annapolis it's all about sailing. to captains and third mates we all need to be careful.
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here's a story that could save your life. >> it is the number one most effective thing to keep you safe out on the water. >> the sun is up and the bolters are out in high force on the reservoir. >> the very first thing to be aware of out on the waterer is to put the life jacket on. you need to wear it. >> the water is unpredictable. even though you can swim, it's a safeguard. anything can happen. >> you have to listen to the captain. >> reporter: carl and carey sherman know how to swim. >> i'm the captain. >> reporter: but even they know the importance of wearing a life jacket. >> they are not mandatory, even though we are swimmers, we still have to be safe. >> reporter: and those with children need to take special precautions. >> you want to make sure that you are choosing a life jacket for your kid that fits them at this time. you don't want one that they are going to grow into. that is one of the worst things that you can do.
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>> reporter: you also want to make sure it fits right. >> when you put it on the child, if you were to just pull up if it comes up around their ears, it's too big and find a different size for your child. >> reporter: another good tip, let them pick it out. >> fun styles and colorful with their favorite cartoon characters. >> reporter: they discuss the reality about the her 4-year-old daughter anna. >> i guess right, even if they can swim, she can keep herself above but that's about -- it's just for a little bit and it would be pretty hard to -- there would be a good chance we wouldn't make it very long. >> reporter: wearing a life jacket could be the difference between a good day on the water and a disastrous one. >> you know you never get another chance. >> in baltimore, eric nielsen,
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abc 2 news. and also putting on a life jacket make sure it's u.s. coast guard approved. . . take a look outside right now, you can see the skies looking just a little bit ominous. no question about that. and there is a reason for that. we're going to talk about that in just a second. 77 right now. and 69% humidity. you can see the clouds towards the area and there's a storm going by there. we had several different clusters of storms coming up out of the north and west today. and you can see how things changed from a bright sunny scenario and then get that afternoon storm development. there's a downpour passing by into howard county. now we're watching with interest is for annapolis and anne arundel county this is where things will begin to head downhill in pretty quick order. let's show you why on maryland's most powerful radar.
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you can see, this is the large storm and now tracking south of baltimore. and it was once upon a time much further west and coming through howard county. now it's up here into northern anne arundel county. things are beginning to deteriorate. you can see what's out there to the immediate north and west. so you want to get off the water and get indoors for the next couple of hours mainly for lightning. could be gusty winds here too but the main concern is lightning. this will eventually push through the county and out over the open waters of the chesapeake. so sailors be out there as well. right now temperatures are hot but cooled down by the passing storm. 77 at bwi with the rain coming down. in most other spots where the rain has not come in yet. it's hot and sticky and hot down at the beach as well. these humidity numbers are high. and the high humidity levels around 50 or 60%. there is not a tremendous amount of storm action out there west of baltimore. but the storms we do have are pretty potent and again moving
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in south of the city right now. i will say that the overall pattern is actually being sparked by this boundary and trying to sneak in. we have drawn it here as a cold front. really no cool air coming in behind this thing. tomorrow, back in the 90s and may see the humidity drop a little bit tomorrow. it will still be humid but a little less steamy. you can see what's going out today. a huge plume of humidity and the dew point numbers are off the chart. highs today, big heat surge out of south. and that will continue tomorrow. i don't think we have any cool relief here in sight anywhere in the seven-day forecast. storm wise, it could continue this evening at least on the scattered basis on the lower eastern shore through 11:00 or 12:00 tonight. and then i think tomorrow is relatively clear and dry for fireworks. maybe an isolated shower but clear on tuesday as well. but the heat does really not go anywhere for us, unfortunately. it will be stickingy tonight.
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steam bath city and down to 70. the 4th of july forecast, 92 hot and hazy. and then 4th of july night with 67. i think dry but muggy. dress light as you head out to see the fireworks. and the seven-day forecast, again, the pattern is a hot sticky july in maryland county here. >> this is what we look for in july. and there it is for you with a lot of 90s on the map. >> it was hot last july 4th,. >> it was cool. >> congratulations to matt weres. >> the orrels and atlanta 5-4. zack britain hit the first homer and pitched well enough to win but didn't get the victory. the braves went ahead 4-3. and then mark reynolds came through with a game winning shot. the orioles travel to texas to play the rangers.
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>> and we are getting set for fireworks. and the masons around the country not so lucky. why the 4th of july just won't be the same in many parts of our country. if i were a customer,
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party started early are in columbus. the 31st annual red white and boom fireworks show which attracts hundreds of people. here we are in baltimore and taking a look at the workers getting underway for the celebration in the sky tomorrow night. crews getting ready for the grand show. you can check the fireworks at the inner harbor. don't forget they are here. and a big 4th of july weekend is
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underway. a hot one and much of the country will see temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above normal. parts of the five states from the midwest and southwest are under heat advisories and warnings. and in some places the hot dry weather means less rocks red glare this independence day because fireworks are banned. here's the story. >> reporter: fire putting an end to the fireworks. >> a lot of people will be really disappointed. >> disappointed they won't see this on the 4th, exploding star spangled fireworks celebrating our country's birth. but for many states it's just to dining rouse. dangerous. >> it's just too dangerous with it hot and dry out. >> the bans on fireworks are spreading in arizona and new mexico. >> i ordered no fireworks whatsoever to be used on state land. that is the only authority i have as governor. >> reporter: she begged
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residents to forego fireworks this year. in texas where 3 million acres have been scorched nearly every county has banned fireworks and that means 100,000 people in austin for the first time in 35 years won't see firework with the texas symphony so they cancelled the show. it's such a fire hazard for some cities and the economic hardships are hitting the plan. chicago will have the big show on the 4th but the show for the big food fest has been cancelled? why, the budget worries. but one texas town, amarillo has come up with a solution to the problem. no pyrotechnics but a laser show. >> new and safe and celebrating a wonderful day. and we have our own party going on. and you can see the african-american fest is going
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on. thousands of people have experience the fun. if you haven't gone, you still have a little time to check it out. we'll have it until about 9:00 tonight. it is free to enter. before we go to the break, here is a live look. it's right on 50 and traffic looks really good right now. people are spending the night in ocean city. but tomorrow at this time come back and see a difference. we'll have a check on the weather right after this.
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. we have fireworks tonight. and show us. >> clear of baltimore but south of baltimore and the annapolis area you can see the storm tracking steadily south here on the radar. so, all the interest in anne arundel county take shelter for the next 30 minutes. it will clear out and you can see it through easton and be ready for the storm in
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30 minutes. >> and you can see a bunch of country clubs up and around the beltway and having fire with. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a great rest of the evening.
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